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What puddle?

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:36 am    Post subject: GB292 Reply with quote


GB292 is offered in almost standard and original form apart from the seats - but the originals can be offered in the sale...

GB292 has only done 24,000 miles. I have all the service history going back to when it was new, and MoT certificates back to 2006. Apart from one 50th that has been mothballed, it is the lowest mileage 50th known in existence.

The front sets are new but the original ones come with the car.
The rear seats have been replaced for forward-facing ones with their own integral seatbelts - but I have a set of original rear seats on standby from a seller if a buyer wants them.

The values of used cars are a matter of judgment between seller and buyer. HOWEVER, the asking prices of Defender 50th Anniversary models average (currently) 26,000. This is the average asking price of the past year. My asking price is 28,000 because of the low mileage. My 50th isn't perfect, otherwise it would be worth 60,000 (let's say). Like all 50ths it is 18 years old, and will have issues of an 18 year-old car. So don't expect it to be like it was in the showroom!!! It's ridiculous that I have to write that, I know, but I do! GB292 is a good example of the typical Defender 50th. It is honest, and so am I. If you buy it, then from time to time you will have to do 'stuff' to it and make repairs - that's the case with any 18 year-old car. Again, it's crazy that I have to write that! Rubber window mouldings degrade, things go rusty, oils need changing, parts wear out! IT IS 18 YEARS OLD:

Not-so-good points:
The MoT advisories are "Underside showing signs of corrosion, rear springs corroded, brake pipes & hoses showing slight signs of corrosion, seat-belt stitching frayed."
A major service in 2013 threw up:
"Brake pads 70% worn. Unable to retract both front brake caliper pistons as they have seized internally. Will possibly require new brake calipers when pads are replaced."
I have done 2,000 miles since that report. The pads don't need replacing yet as far as I am aware - GB292 certainly stops ok! However, the brake calipers are 39.14 from Paddocks (or 208.58 if you want to spend your money at a Land Rover dealer).
There is a piece of plastic trim missing from the inside rear quarter - cost 125.35 (part no. MWC8910LOY), though you may easily come across one from a breaking Defender.
Paint chips and marks?:
Very few, certainly much fewer than many 50ths I've seen. A previous owner had a ladder on the back, and the holes have been filled with two rubber bungs. Otherwise, the body is actually good. There is NO bubbling on the bottom of doors.
Some missing service history (but at least you know it hasn't been falsified!).
The rear carpet has been removed.
Some small pitting on the alloy wheels, and tyres are old (though still with plenty of tread).
...so now you know ALL its not-so-good points, and you can assess how much it would cost you if you want to put them 'right'.

Good points:
It's only done 24,000 miles
It goes great.
It feels tight and secure.
The exhaust sounds wonderful.
It will increase in value.
The underside has NOT been treated in oily 'Dinitrol' or any other substance, so you can see the chassis, and see that it's fine.
It's one of only perhaps 192 left in the UK!

Service history:
1st service - Apr '00 - 4,344 miles
2nd service - Sep '00 - 5,488 miles
3rd service - Jan '02 - 6,502 miles
4th service - Jun '06 - 15,379 miles
5th service - Mar '12 - 18,618 miles
6th service - Oct '12 - 19,603 miles
7th service - Dec '13 - 22,230 miles major service and thorough check-over by a dedicated Land Rover service centre.
8th service Dec '14 - 23,022 miles
9th service - Jan '16 - 24,123 miles

Sorry, but due to some ill-mannered people quite evidently just wanting to have a go in a 50th, I can no longer allow self-drive test drives. So if you're looking to have a go in a 50th, then look elsewhere.

Please email info@tebe.co.uk

Contact me ONLY if you are a serious buyer who wants to spend less than 30,000 on the best Defender ever made. You'll have to excuse my obvious exasperation in this description, but I'm sure you'll understand the comments/questions that I have been getting down the phone and in person from people who can't think straight, or don't like the fact that 50ths (and Defenders in general) are commanding ever-increasing prices. Of course, they WILL like that, as soon as they buy one!!! Oh, of course!

REMEMBER, THE VALUES OF DEFENDER 50TH ANNIVERSARY MODELS WILL LIKELY ONLY GO UP, NOT DOWN. THIS TIME, NEXT YEAR, THE PRICES WILL LIKELY BE MORE, NOT LESS. If you want to buy a 50th, then buy one now! You'll just have to pay more if you buy in a year's time. As time passes, and if GB292 doesn't sell, then I shall obviously carry on in the upkeep of it, and this will be reflected in the price. In other words, as I do stuff to it, I will put the price UP, not down. I would slowly put right all its little wrongs...but then it will be worth MORE. Please understand that, so don't expect the price to fall.

Defender-less - but big plans!
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